Time to Start Walking Away

For those who have discovered their spouse has been hiding another marriage from them, the emotional devastation can be very real. They have been betrayed by someone they trusted, and yet that person was never really deserving of it. Some may be able to find forgiveness in their heart, but others will understand it is time to walk away. Making the break clean and fast is generally the best way to move on to recovery and a better life.

The biggest issue when dealing with a bigamist is the fact they have lied. Not only did they misrepresent their situation to the person they married, but they probably lied when filling out a marriage license. This alone is a criminal act, but many societies do not charge the person committing the crime. Divorce is considered the legal solution, but it does little or nothing to satisfy the person who has been deeply wounded.

Walking away as soon as possible if the relationship is broken is for the best. Those who make the choice to leave have a better outlook on what has been done to them, and they may tend to spend less time seeking answers they will never receive. When it comes to severing ties legally, it is best to limit the damage by doing it quickly. This alone can help force the betrayer to stay away and limit the emotional damage.

Marrying a bigamist is not generally something people do on purpose, and the shock of discovery can have physical repercussions. Getting help from friends and relatives may not be enough. Some people might find speaking with a professional counsellor is a good way to help them move on. Working out any of their own issues is part of the solution, but the counsellor can also help them understand it is the fault of the person who lied. This fact alone can make it easier to move forward to a better life.