Living with a Polygamist

There are some people who do not believe in divorce, and they tend to stay married no matter how badly they get along. They might justify it by waiting until their parents have passed, but many of them use their children as an excuse to remain in a bad relationship. Not all relationships where divorce should be an issue end at all, and this is when a person might find out they are living with a polygamist.

Divorce can be an issue for a person who wants to keep their assets, and they might simply disappear one day with all the money the couple has. Rather than filing the paperwork, they simply move on to life in a different area. They meet someone new, and they get married again without telling them they have a wife in another area. At this point, they are only a bigamist, but it can get worse.

People tend to repeat successful actions, and a person who has committed bigamy might simply follow the same pattern with their second spouse. They will go to work in the morning, and they never return home. Their next victim awaits them, and they often live a good life on the proceeds of their former partner’s efforts. They have taken off yet again with all the money, and they spend it recklessly to capture another mate who will provide them with the same opportunity as the previous relationships did.

A person who has married someone with more than one spouse will often find they are just another victim, but it can still be devastating. Those who choose to live their life in this manner are often charming and attractive, and they appear very confident as they woo their chosen victim. People who marry them often do not find out until they file a legal action to dissolve the relationship, and they can then discover they were just a number.